Voice AI indistinguishable
from a human

customer experience
business performance

Boost efficiency of your business communications using conversational AI

How many calls can your contact center serve daily? AI-fueled virtual agents by Neuro.net can triple this number almost instantly.
Customer support, lead qualification, candidate sourcing, surveys – voice agents can handle any business task. Even better, 99% of the customers will not understand they are talking to an AI-based virtual agent, not a real human.

Enhance customer experience

A virtual agent can contact the customer via сalls, using messaging apps, SMS or email.
A digital call center handles calls much faster, customers will no longer wait in the line.
AI-based agents never get tired, always follow the script, and can handle hundreds of objections effectively.
can be simultaneously handled by the AI-fueled contact center. Reach a wider audience and scale the number of calls with no limits.

Advance your key business metrics

10 000+ CALLS
in requests, sales, and demos compared to a human sales representative.
contact center expenses.

How to use the AI-fueled virtual agents?

Use cases
Customer service
Switch up to 80% of inbound calls to an AI and let your human employees solve more critical and creative tasks.
Shrink the support budget up to 2.5 times.
Increase your business metrics by helping customers at every stage of the funnel across multiple channels.
Lead qualification
Provide timely follow-ups with quality service, ensuring the right leads process quickly and efficiently, screen irrelevant leads.
Grow your conversion by up to 20% and reduce the cost of the lead up to 2.4 times.
Apply AI-based virtual agents trained to incorporate the most powerful sales techniques of top sales performers.
Surveys / NPS
Call thousands of customers at the same time to speed up your survey or marketing research.
Reduce spending on research by three times while keeping the highest data quality.
Increase the completion rate by 30%.
...and other use cases.
Contact us to learn how conversational AI can boost your business.
Conduct regular surveys after each customer interaction to reveal weak points and bottlenecks in the business processes and employees' performance.
Filter calls and successfully confirm each lead fits the criteria for qualification.
Respond faster to your customers' needs, maintaining a positive first impression, and being ensured that customers aren't looking elsewhere.
Ensure customer gets help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Assist customers by solving their issues no matter the reason (common technical problem or an information search) by listening with patience, responding thoughtfully, and always answering politely.
Increase customer satisfaction level by the quality of processing requests and always free human agents.
Close open positions two times faster by implementing AI at the initial stage.
Streamline candidate sourcing and eliminate manual labor.
Reach more candidates.
Give your HR managers more flexibility and let them focus on more important tasks – interviews.
...and other industries.
Contact us to learn how conversational AI can boost your business.
Automate the process of customer applications, upsell by quickly routing clients to the right specialist, conduct screening and support potential job candidates.
Handle more insurance policy quotes and improve claim management efficiency by having all customer history data at your disposal.
Engage your patients like never before. Inform and remind them about the upcoming appointments, reschedule if needed, and assist anytime, anywhere.
Respond quickly and efficiently to customer inquiries, creating excellent first impressions. Handle up to 80% of first-line inquiries, without engaging a live agent. Offer new option plans, conduct surveys, and more.
Retail and ecommerce
Provide 24/7 consulting for your products, confirm the purchase, inform about the delivery status (place, time). Expand LTV: retain those who didn't finish their purchasing, cross-sell/upsell, notify regarding the loyalty programs, etc.

Call samples

Telecom operator
Delivery service
Customer informing and retaining process optimization
Use case:
Automated promotion calls for new services
conversion growth for specific scenarios
higher reach due to AI usage
Listen to the recording
Increased efficiency of a delivery process, improved customer satisfaction
Use case:
Customer service: outbound call regarding the package delivery status
of successful сustomer calls thanks to the custom call management
of customers actually took the package within 2 days
Listen to the recording
You can get great results and increase your ROI using conversational AI. Contact us today to book a pilot project.

Intelligent technologies for your business

Omnichannel Hub

Calls, messaging apps, email, API.

NLU Engine

Highly efficient natural language processing algorithms that can work on small datasets.

Conversation Builder

You can build virtual agents in three weeks with no coding required.

Only three weeks to launch the project needed

Data collection
Only 600 call records are required to get started.
Conversational flow
Data analysis and conversational flow design.
1 week
Training the NLU Engine
on small datasets.
1 week
After several thousands of calls, the recognition accuracy reaches 95%, guaranteed.
1 week

Why do professionals choose Neuro.net?

50% of the team are experienced AI experts; we have our own technology stack.
5 years on the Conversational AI market
99% of people can't distinguish AI from a real person. Virtual agent is able to control intonation, make pauses, and follow the conversation's logic to make it sound natural. Moreover, machine learning allows the AI to become better with each call.
AI that is indistinguishable from a human
~ 3 weeks needed to prepare the scenario and run a pilot implementation.
Fast launch
One can grow the number of supported channels in one day. It is crucial during holiday seasons, promotional campaigns, or unexpected demand spikes. Contact Center AI by Neuro.net can adapt to any business needs.
Easy scaling
Only ~600 call recordings are required to start using the technology.
Rapid AI learning
Virtual agents can interact with your customers via calls, messaging apps, and email.


For developers
If you want to create virtual agents using innovative technologies*
/ 15 SEC
The cost of the Contact Center AI by Neuro.net
The solution includes the toolkit for the digital agents' creation:
NLU Engine learning environment
API for third-party system integrations
Communication channels: calls, messaging apps, email
We provide free training and assessment for you to become a Neuro.net Certified Partner.
For business
If you want to improve your customer communications using cloud technologies**
/ 15 SEC
The cost of the creation and support of virtual agents by the Neuro.net team
The service includes:
Conversation scenarios and flows development
Data preparation and AI learning on your call recordings
Third-party systems integrations
We guarantee the launch of the pilot project within three weeks from the moment the call records are provided.
/ 15 SEC
The cost of the Contact Center AI platform
Conversational flow development environment
* Full price list is available upon request.
** If you want to deploy a solution for your business needs within your own infrastructure, we are happy to provide you with an individual quote, depending on the number of communication channels, complexity, and duration of the dialogues.

About the company

Neuro.net provides an AI-driven, fully autonomous contact center. Our virtual agents are able to support complex conversations and mimic emotions. In 300 million dialogues, less than 1% of respondents recognized the customer service agent as being an AI-driven virtual agent.

The company was founded in 2017 by a team with extensive experience in the telecom industry. Now, our portfolio includes projects with the largest telecom operators, retailers, and other major companies.
Enhanced contact centers with more than 100 000 virtual agents
Launch of IT platforms for global telecom companies
5 years on the Conversational AI market
15+ years of Telecom experience
190+ employees
50% of the team — experts in Artificial Intelligence
Global presence
Offices in San Jose, Jakarta, Moscow, Nur-Sultan, Nizhny Novgorod


North America
San Jose, California
111 N Market St#300
Tel. +1 415 713 1889
E-mail: sanjose@neuro.net
Southeast Asia
Central Asia
12 Presnenskaya Emb, Fl 39
Tel. +7 495 137 76 87
E-mail: moscow@neuro.net
164 Jl Prof Dr Satrio, Fl 9
Tel. +62 21 5092 8520
E-mail: jakarta@neuro.net
6 Saryarka Ave
Tel. +7 7172 55 46 56
E-mail: nursultan@neuro.net
Nizhny Novgorod,
Alekseevskaya St, 6/16
Tel. +7 915 950 13 67
E-mail: rnd@neuro.net


Our team brings together scientists, engineers, and experts in neural networks fields, machine learning, and telecommunications. We are creating AI technologies that will forever change the way people communicate.

In our labs, we are improving artificial intelligence, making it indistinguishable from humans, capable of accurately recognizing human speech, maintaining conversation, and expressing emotion.
Languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Arabic, Indonesian (Bahasa), Vietnamese, Tagalog (Filipino)
Data scientist
Knowledge of Python and ML-stack, basic Linux knowledge, experience with PostgreSQL
Experience in scripts development, basic algorithm understanding, and large amounts of data analysis experience
Python programming experience, Linux knowledge, PostgreSQL experience, understanding of the OSI model and high-level protocols
Conversational flow designer
Python developer
If you want to create the technologies of the future together with the Neuro.net team, contact us!

Our virtual agents are already helping dozens of companies, including:

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