Contact Center AI

for efficient communications with clients. An omnichannel contact center for both inbound and outbound scenarios.

Voice biometrics

for reliable protection of business and customer data. Voiceprint identification with no passwords or code words.

Speech analytics

for 360-degree behavioral monitoring and quality control in your contact center. AI technology
Far more intelligent.
Far less artificial.

Business functions
up to 50%

Savings on contact center


Conversion increase as compared
to the human agent


Faster call processing versus
a standard call center.
No queues on the line.

Small and
Medium Business

Grow your business with us

Business and marketing support for product and project launches

Access to advanced voice AI technologies

Technical expertise at all stages of cooperation

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Access to advanced conversational AI technologies

The unique expertise of and the capabilities of our partner ecosystem

Support and assistance in developing your own voice AI solutions

Call samples

Successful projects of our clients


Voice AI champions


We gurantee than less than 1% of customers realize that they are talking to a AI-based virtual agent, not a human one


We set up communications with your clients across all the necessary channels: calls, instant messengers, email


We launch projects in 3 weeks, quickly test hypotheses and respond to business changes


We quickly increase available resources if necessary

Hot off the press


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