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Hold the Line: How AI Saved A Telecom Company Under the Lockdown

One Telecom company managed to reinforce technical support on the second line and allocate additional resources to solving non-standard customer issues.

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Customer experience Why Voicebots Are Taking Over Chatbots And Other Text-based Assistants

Discover why voicebots can be more beneficial to both businesses and customers as compared to chatbots and text-based agents.

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03 November 2021
Customer experience What Companies Need To Know To Attract Millennials

By creating a millennial-friendly brand, businesses will be able to make the most of this demographic’s spending potential.

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25 October 2021
Customer experience How AI Can Help Companies To Go Through Holiday Shopping: 5 Practical Ways

Voice AI can help businesses avoid mistakes during the holiday shopping season and boost conversions, sales, and customer satisfaction.

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19 September 2021
Customer experience Is Your CX Driving Customer Loyalty?

Is there any connection between CX and loyalty at all? In fact, there is, and today we will talk about improving the customer experience to drive customer loyalty by using data and personalized AI-based communication.

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16 June 2021
Customer experience How To Drive Exceptional CX With AI In The Contact Center

Take a look at how contact centers can extend their digital presence across various channels to meet new communication patterns while ensuring customers can get their issues resolved quickly and seamlessly.

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31 May 2021
Customer experience 7 Ways Retailers Can Reduce Customer Churn

For years, retailers have been primarily focused on customer acquisition. But growing the revenue without effective customer retention can prove to be unsustainable. Discover the ways to drive customer loyalty and prevent customer churn.

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17 May 2021
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