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Hold the Line: How AI Saved A Telecom Company Under the Lockdown

One Telecom company managed to reinforce technical support on the second line and allocate additional resources to solving non-standard customer issues.

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Digital business What Business Tasks Virtual Assistants Can Solve

AI-powered personal assistants have been steadily gaining in popularity in recent years. Over 132 million people in the US will use a virtual voice assistant at least once a month in 2022. So it’s no wonder that businesses are now thinking about how they can employ this technology for their benefit.

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10 March 2022
Digital business How AI Automates Outbound Communication and Helps Your Business Grow

Outbound communication is one of the most beneficial practices in marketing for any business. Delegating outbound calls to several employees can be risky as the volume of inbound calls fluctuates depending on a number of factors. Here are a few tips on how AI-based virtual agents can help your business grow.

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28 February 2022
Digital business How AI Boosts Sales & Conversion: 5 Practical Use-Cases

AI-based solutions have been increasingly pervading business operations in recent years. Discover how companies can drive their marketing and sales conversion by adopting AI technology.

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26 January 2022
Digital business Four Powerful Conversational AI Use Cases in Retail And e-Commerce

If you’re in the retail or e-commerce business, consider taking advantage of cutting-edge conversational AI solutions that can automate everyday tasks, from confirming orders and reaching out to clients to providing excellent customer service.

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30 November 2021
Digital business Why AI-Powered Automated Customer Service Is the Future: 7 Practical Reasons

Global lockdowns, economic turbulence, and reduced demand are forcing companies to seek ways to improve business processes, increase effectiveness, and serve their customers better to retain them.

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22 September 2021
Digital business Virtual Agents: More Beneficial To Your Business Than Chatbots

When it comes to customer communication automation, chatbots are among the first things that pop up in mind. However, there's a more sophisticated solution - (VAs) that can bring even more benefits and a higher payoff if applied properly.

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07 July 2021
Digital business How Conversational Communications Improve Customer Experience

Relationships are essential for every business. The majority of companies with above-average customer experience perform better financially than their competitors, and 96% of customers base their brand loyalty on the quality of the customer service.

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18 February 2021
Digital business Where Is Your Company on Your Conversational AI Journey?

Conversational AI technology is fueling the next way of customer and employee experiences for businesses worldwide. How does it work, what the main benefits are, and which steps to follow to implement the technology within the company?

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27 January 2021
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