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Hold the Line: How AI Saved A Telecom Company Under the Lockdown

One Telecom company managed to reinforce technical support on the second line and allocate additional resources to solving non-standard customer issues.

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Tech trends How Mobile Personal Assistants Get User Experience To A New Level

It’s predicted that in 2024 the number of digital voice assistants in use will be more than 8.4 billion devices. The technology does not stand still and is rapidly developing. Therefore, new products are being released, offering a more sophisticated user experience.

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27 May 2022
Tech trends Why Telcos Are Offering Their Customers Virtual Assistants

75% of millennials tend to avoid answering phone calls, especially if they’re coming from unidentified numbers. However, in this case, the issue of missing important calls is arising. Is there a solution for that?

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12 January 2022
Tech trends What To Expect: Seven Сonversational AI Trends For 2022

It seems that the rapidly growing interest in the voice AI technology we’ve been observing recently is here to stay. So what are the forecasts and trends to watch in 2022?

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22 December 2021
Customer experience Why Voicebots Are Taking Over Chatbots And Other Text-based Assistants

Discover why voicebots can be more beneficial to both businesses and customers as compared to chatbots and text-based agents.

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03 November 2021
Tech trends How AI is Turning Human Voice Into the Ultimate Security Tool

Voice recognition technology has been developing for around 70 years now. Nowadays, AI-fueled voice solutions can analyze human voice and derive lots of data from it, including emotional state, native region, and lots more.

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21 December 2020
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