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Is Your CX Driving Customer Loyalty?

While more and more companies understand the importance of the customer experience (CX) to improve business metrics, most of their efforts still have little impact on long-term customer loyalty.

Is there any connection between CX and loyalty at all? In fact, there is, and today we will talk about improving the customer experience to drive customer loyalty by using data and personalized AI-based communication.

24/7 multilanguage support

Imagine your customers get instant support at any time and in any language they need. Perhaps you think of massive (and costly) contact centers with triple shifts and dozens of expats. It seems like only large businesses can afford it.

With conversational AI, customer support is no longer a pain in the neck. Unlike humans, AI-based virtual agents never get tired and are available round the clock in many languages, which skyrockets overall productivity.

Minimized wait times

According to surveys, 44% of customers are not ready to spend more than 2 minutes waiting on the phone. This is why every second matters. Minimizing response times is one of the most efficient ways to improve customer experience.

Conversational AI can simultaneously respond to many requests, making it an ideal remedy for high-loaded helpdesks or contact centers. Customers no longer need to wait to have their issues addressed — they get immediate responses, which makes them more satisfied and loyal. Minimizing response times is one of the most efficient ways to improve customer experience.

Multichannel CX

Communication patterns are no longer limited to phone calls — more and more customers prefer to use other channels, such as social networks or messengers. Businesses, therefore, need to keep up with their customers’ preferences and offer multichannel marketing outreach and customer support.

The good news is that conversational AI can be integrated with various channels, including email, voice assistants, social messengers, etc. Users get instant and personalized assistance synchronized between different channels and devices, making the customer experience seamless.

High-quality communications

Hard to argue that it’s vitally important to monitor and advance the quality of brand communications. While certain situations can hardly be automated, most generic customer interactions can be handled by AI-based systems.

Conversational AI not only saves time and effort but eliminates common human-related issues, such as inconsistency, incompetence, or even the wrong tone of voice, which helps maintain the high quality of communication. Besides, 99% of people can’t tell a virtual agent from a real person — cutting-edge technology makes it sound absolutely natural.

What industries can utilize conversational AI?

We here at create conversational AI solutions that drive customer engagement, increase retention, sales, and boost security. We see that these solutions deliver real value for businesses across multiple industries. Here are some of them:


Up to 80% of first-line inquiries in telecom companies can be handled by virtual agents without engaging a human agent. Possible applications include offering new option plans, conducting surveys, dealing with common technical issues, and more.


For this industry, AI can help handle more insurance policy quotes and improve claim management efficiency.


Possible scenarios for banks involve automating customer applications, notifying when the credit card is ready, conducting screening, and supporting potential job candidates.


With conversational AI, healthcare companies can engage patients by informing them about upcoming appointments, rescheduling if needed, and assisting anytime, anywhere.

Retail and e-commerce

Product consulting, purchase confirmation, informing about the delivery status, etc. — these are just a few ways how conversational AI can be used in the retail and e-commerce sector.

Final thoughts

Conversational AI can be an excellent solution for companies willing to improve their customer experience. No matter the industry the business is working in, AI-based voice agents can handle support requests, inform customers, and cover their back 24x7x365 being always on-point and as efficient as human call center representatives.

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