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Hold the Line: How AI Saved A Telecom Company Under the Lockdown

One Telecom company managed to reinforce technical support on the second line and allocate additional resources to solving non-standard customer issues.

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Digital business How AI Boosts Sales & Conversion: 5 Practical Use-Cases

AI-based solutions have been increasingly pervading business operations in recent years. Discover how companies can drive their marketing and sales conversion by adopting AI technology.

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26 January 2022
Fundamentals What is AI And How It Helps Businesses

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a rapidly evolving branch of technology encompassing the newest developments in ML, speech recognition, NLP, computer vision, etc. Have a look at some possible AI applications and how they can benefit businesses.

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28 June 2021
Customer experience How To Drive Exceptional CX With AI In The Contact Center

Take a look at how contact centers can extend their digital presence across various channels to meet new communication patterns while ensuring customers can get their issues resolved quickly and seamlessly.

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31 May 2021
Fundamentals The History of Conversational AI: From Nine Digits and Sixteen Words to Human-like Virtual Agents

The voice technology can work miracles these days: today's digital assistants can be as small as teacups, but the first voice recognition devices were almost the size of an entire room. Ever wonder how – and when – it all started?

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12 January 2021
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