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Hold the Line: How AI Saved A Telecom Company Under the Lockdown

One Telecom company managed to reinforce technical support on the second line and allocate additional resources to solving non-standard customer issues.

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Digital business How AI Boosts Sales & Conversion: 5 Practical Use-Cases

AI-based solutions have been increasingly pervading business operations in recent years. Discover how companies can drive their marketing and sales conversion by adopting AI technology.

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26 January 2022
Tech trends What To Expect: Seven Сonversational AI Trends For 2022

It seems that the rapidly growing interest in the voice AI technology we’ve been observing recently is here to stay. So what are the forecasts and trends to watch in 2022?

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22 December 2021
Fundamentals Chatbots Vs Conversational AI: What’s The Difference

According to a recent survey, 70% of consumers would like their virtual assistants to understand them better. They’ve come to expect a more natural conversation with VAs so that their customer experience is flawless and the interactions are human-like. 

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07 December 2021
Digital business Where Is Your Company on Your Conversational AI Journey?

Conversational AI technology is fueling the next way of customer and employee experiences for businesses worldwide. How does it work, what the main benefits are, and which steps to follow to implement the technology within the company?

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27 January 2021
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