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Why Voicebots Are Taking Over Chatbots And Other Text-based Assistants

A voicebot is a virtual agent designed to communicate with customers via voice. This means that voicebots are able to comprehend customers’ requests, analyze them and respond to them using natural language. If a voicebot cannot solve a customer’s problem right away, it asks additional questions to clarify the issue or passes the inquiry to a human manager, if necessary.

This article discusses why voicebots can be more beneficial to both businesses and customers as compared to chatbots and text-based agents.

Voice communication is much faster than typing

According to the statistics, people can type 38-40 words/minute when using a plain keyboard. An average speaking rate varies from 120-150 words/minute — that is, more than three times the number of words one can type.

So, when it comes to the speed of communication, voicebots can provide a serious advantage. Customers will no longer have to spend time typing messages and can quickly get their issues fixed within a single conversation.

Customers will no longer have to spend time typing messages and can quickly get their issues fixed within a single conversation.

Voice is a natural form of communication

Voice is doubtlessly the most natural means of human communication, which makes voicebots the optimal agents to communicate with customers. Voicebots can also add a new user-friendly dimension to the interactions with customers thanks to their ability to listen carefully and always maintain a friendly tone of voice.

Humans tend to be more spontaneous when they are interacting verbally rather than by means of text. Capturing not only what is said but also how it is said can help better understand your customers. Unlike a text-based conversation, you can extract a lot of useful details from the tone and pitch of a customer’s voice. All this may lead to a more positive customer experience, and, as a result, more loyal customers.

Voicebots provide a hands-free experience

With voicebots, submitting an inquiry can be completely hands-free since customers don’t have to use manual text input. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the spreading of touchless technologies. Today people prefer touchless experiences not only at home but also in the office and public spaces.

Voicebots provide perfect hands-free experiences in situations where customers need to get support while doing multiple things at once. Since they don’t have to type responses in a chat-based conversation, they can continue their daily activities while talking to customer service.

Voice makes services more accessible

Accessibility is probably one of the greatest benefits of voicebots. Customers who are less technologically savvy can easily use it – for example, older adults who have difficulties typing texts find voicebots a very convenient means of communication.

Voicebots are also indispensable when helping customers with disabilities — especially visually impaired people. Often, they have trouble comprehending visual data from the screen or using a keyboard or phone to type text. With voicebots, it is easier for them to access the needed information as they can quickly get their questions answered by using just their voice.

Final thoughts

Text-based interactions have certain limits, and voicebots can improve customer experience in many beneficial ways. Still, to make the most of your brand communications and customer care, it would be a good idea to use both methods. This is especially easy with since they provide omnichannel virtual agents that combine the advantages of chatbots and voicebots indistinguishable from human operators.

In the end, no matter what kind of virtual agents you use, they both have one goal in common: to deliver prompt and highly relevant assistance to your customers as well as engage them in your brand’s communications.

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