Contact Center AI

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Enhance your contact center with Voice AI.
Boost performance, increase sales, reduce costs.


Handle up to 80% of customer requests without forwarding them to human experts

Increase your business metrics by helping customers at every stage of the funnel across multiple channels

Increase customer satisfaction level by the quality of processing requests and always free human agents

Ensure customer gets help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Assist customers by solving their issues no matter the reason (common technical problem or an information search) by listening with patience, responding thoughtfully, and always answering politely

Provide timely follow-ups with quality service, ensuring the right leads process quickly and efficiently, screen irrelevant leads

Filter calls and successfully confirm each lead fits the criteria for qualification

Grow your conversion by up to 20% and reduce the cost of the lead up to 2.4 times

Conduct regular surveys after each customer interaction to reveal weak points and bottlenecks in the business processes and employees' performance

Call thousands of customers at the same time to speed up your survey or marketing research

Contact Center AI

for the business and customers

What you get

Take a fresh look at communications!

Get better results

Improve productivity, communication consistency using AI-fueled voice agents while providing savings and better scalability options.

Scale fast

Solve employee training and call center scaling problems. Just 600 recorded calls and three weeks are required to get a virtual agent that knows everything about your inventory and popular customer objections.

Delight customers

Stand out with the perfect conversational AI that is indistinguishable from humans. Only 1% of the customers asking the business will understand they are talking to the bot; the other 99% will be as satisfied as after the conversation with a human agent.

Call samples

Successful projects of our clients

Project stages

Only 3 weeks to launch the project needed

Use cases

Business process optimization

Customer support

Increase the quality of the support to fight churn. Our AI works on the first contact center line and solves 80% of requests with no human experts' assistance.

Lead qualification

Save on lead qualification. Virtual agents incorporate the most powerful and effective sales techniques and can deliver conversions up to 20% higher at two times lower prices. Compared to IVR, Voice AI demonstrates 13 times higher conversions and four times lower drop-off rates.


Increase your marketing campaign engagement by personalizing your customer experience across all touchpoints, create or fortify customer loyalty, and gain instant insights with real-time marketing.

Surveys, NPS / CSI

Conduct high-quality surveys and measure NPS. Conversational AI incorporates the best survey and NPS measurement methods, performs classification with 97% accuracy, and ensures seven times higher completion rates.


Fill all open positions fast, avoid churned candidates, and shrink the hiring cycle. Our virtual agents can perform initial contact and screening, conduct interviews, and provide candidate support. As a result, open positions are filled 2x faster.


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