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Cost optimization
Increase call center efficiency while reducing costs
Reduce the load on call center human agents by transferring up to 80% of routine tasks to AI-based agents
Service availability
Reduce line waiting time by giving customers the best level of service, even with an unprecedented load on the call center
Current projects
DHS handled call center workload with voice-activated AI
Implementation process and key milestones
Start of the project in October, the development of the "Doctor's House Call" scenario
Installing the on-prem version of the conversational AI platform and running the "Medical Home Call" scenario in November
Expanding of the capacity up to 300 channels (simultaneous connections). The maximum load of 30,000 calls per day has been reached in December
Launch of a project to inform citizens about the need for vaccination in March
Running a script for vaccination appointments in April
Scaling up the technology and launching in other regions of Russia in July
Launch of 10 new scenarios
Real assistance to the call center of the Ministry of Health of the Moscow Region during the peak of the pandemic in December-February 2022
Social effect
Transformation of patient care and experience
Accessibility Improving accessibility of medical care – reducing waiting times on the hotline
Quality Improving the quality of service at the hotlines of state organizations
Reputation Technological image of the state organization among citizens

The company develops modern, effective IT tools and technologies aimed at automating the business processes of small and medium-sized businesses. The company's main product is SmartDialogs voice robots. Thanks to Neuro.net's innovative technologies and the rich expertise of the Fromtech team, the company easily and accurately implements virtual agents to automate calls in various business sectors: from cold sales to incoming calls

Provider of high-tech medical information services for government, business and individuals. The company was founded in 2019 by RT Labs (part of Rostelecom) and SVAN and combines the teams, competencies, resources and product line of the founders. RT MIS acts as one of the key participants in the formation of the Unified Digital Health Loop in the Russian Federation. RT MIS product solutions - UDC. MIS and ECP. LIS - are part of the Unified Digital Platform

A public cloud platform that provides corporations, mid-sized businesses and private developers with scalable infrastructure, storage services, machine learning tools and development tools. With these technologies, proven by time and Yandex experience, everyone can create and continuously improve their own cutting-edge digital services and applications

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Outstanding results of AI solutions implementation
0-01 30К+ 0-01 Сalls Calls are received daily by Neuro.net AI agents on the hotline of the Ministry of Health of the Moscow Region
0-02 х3 0-02 Reduction Shorter waiting time on the line, which is extremely important in a pandemic
0-03 3M 0-03 Calls Calls have been handled by the developed AI-based virtual agent Svetlana since its launch
0-04 300 0-04 Lines Lines simultaneously served by the virtual agent Svetlana
0-05 12 0-05 Regions Regions launched similar voice assistants following the example of the Moscow region
Reviews and impressions about the project
Maxim Rymar Minister of State Administration, Information Technology and Communications of the Moscow region Voice assistants are not just a tribute to fashion. These are solutions that really simplify a lot of things and make them more comfortable. Last year we launched an artificial intelligence solution to offload the region's call center agents. And this solution has proven to be effective over the course of its operation
Sergey Metelev General Manager at RT MIS We weren't just looking for an IVR solution, but a full-fledged AI-based technology that can communicate with citizens as seamlessly as possible, providing better support by quickly finding the information they need and not having to wait on the line. The level of conversation in these kinds of voice assistants is indistinguishable from that of a human agent
Svetlana Strigunkova Minister of Health of the Moscow Region We are seeing a dramatic increase in the number of calls to the governor's call center to call a doctor at home due to the unfavorable epidemiological situation. For the convenience of residents, to reduce the waiting time for a human agent's response, we have launched an AI-based voice service, which will automatically take the request and make a doctor's call to the house
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