Contact center
Artificial Intelligence for contact center automates the customer service process by answering frequently asked questions and providing all information about your product or service.
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Sales support
Artificial Intelligence for sales support allows to automate the service order of your product and provides recommendations based on client preferences and needs.
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Voice broadcast
Artificial Intelligence for voice broadcast helps to deliver an advertising message for target customers and collect an user feedbacks via messengers, social networks and calls.
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Contact center
Artificial Intelligence provides quality remote customer support through intelligent voice dialogue agents using speech synthesis and speech recognition technologies.

The virtual operator conducts a dialogue with the client in the same way that a person does. Itanalyzes the client’s request and instantly gives an answer. If the client’s question requires additional information, the virtual operator will ask clarifying questions or suggest several options for answering. Authorized users of the system will be provided personalized answers.
The Contact Center solution can provide technical support and customer service through various communication channels in a common interactive form: Voice, IVR, SMS, Messaging, web chats, mobile applications. And besides: 
Implantation of Artificial Intelligence for the Contact Center allows you significantly reduce labor costs and improve quality of service.
Sales support
Artificial intelligence can significantly improve the existing business processes for sailing. The Sales Support system allows you to process orders in automatic mode, further increasing Value Added Services (VAS) sales and cutting costs.

The integrated Contact Center System allows you to receive orders through any remote service channel (voice and text), conduct a full dialogue with the client, as well as to answer the accompanying questions.
In addition, the ordering process uses a Recommender System that allows you to predict which products and services may be of interest to a particular user. This system allows you to significantly increase average check and raise additional sales.
Voice broadcast
Voice Broadcast is a multi-channel system for automatic notification of subscribers over telephone lines. This is the fastest way to deliver information: more than 1000 voice channels, high speed dialing and small operating costs.
Speech synthesis and speech recognition technologies make interaction with the system easy and comfortable. The system can conduct a real dialogue with a subscriber, so that the client does not even understand that is talking to a robot. Integration options with a CRM system are available to maximize automation of the notification process and statistics processing. 
About is the international project with a focus on Artificial Intelligence applying for Customer Service. Our team unites scientists, engineers and experts of Neural Network and Machine Learning.

Our mission is to create technologies that can completely replace a human labor with Artificial Neural Network for Customer Care Services. The main achievement of our product is that customer does not feel the difference between a robot and a human.
Applied technology are not limited to speech recognition and voice synthesis algorithms. Provided service allows to build a real dialogue between client and robot with natural language. The project raised a seed funding round from Silicon Valley and Russian angel investors.
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