Product AI.
That's what the product says

Let the product or brand speak for itself

New brand communication format Now the product speaks for itself in the first person, not someone for it (managers, marketers or agencies)
Unique customer experience First unique digital experience the customer receives directly from the product, and not from the others' words
Human-like approach Unique and complete conversation between the product and the customer conveying the desired Tone of Voice, meaning, and mood
New cx
Brand-new customer communication

Step 1

A potential customer wants to buy a product or use a service, the following steps are required:

Find out more details and information about the ur 110 watch replica product or service the customer is interested in
Compare multiple products in a line or across companies
Dispel doubts about the already selected brand, model

Step 2

A potential customer can find and clarify all the necessary information using open sources, or contact manager or representative for a consultation in a point of sale

Study the company's website, explore social media and other resources to discover information about the company and its products or service
Review marketing collaterals: brochure, presentation, price list, etc
Get advice from a sales manager or wholesale christian dior sandal company representative

New format

Now one can get all this necessary information directly from the product as it

Knows more and talks about himself better than a consultant
Shows and says more than a banner or brochure
Does it all with a unique brand or product personality in a live chat format
Industries our services help to evolve
Use cases
Future of communications here and now
Auto business 00-1 / 00-1
Benefits for the business and customers
Product voice
Fully human-like conversation voiced by a professional speaker
Appropriately leads the conversation, behaves like a person when he was interrupted
Gently jokes and expresses emotions, you can adjust the level of sarcasm
Adapts any scenario to the customer type and marketing vision
Can be easily integrated into a service, mobile application
Learns with each new customer request and from the dialogue history
Choose the scenario that suits you and your business best
What's next...
Voice Ad Integrated voice AI solution for marketing communications and digital marketing
Metaverse Digital humans, brand ambassadors, influencers and avatars with integrated voice AI
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