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Outstanding results of AI solutions implementation
0-01 x10 0-01 Speed Faster call processing versus a standard call center. No queues on the line
0-02 50% 0-02 Saving Up to 50% savings on contact center maintenance
0-03 +20% 0-03 Conversion 20% conversion increase as compared to the human agent
0-04 80% 0-04 Automation Up to 80% of customer requests handling without forwarding to human experts
0-05 99% 0-05 Human-likeness 99% of customers did not recognize the customer service agent as being an AI-driven virtual agent
Take advantage of teamwork
Joint business planning
We assist in determining the segment and the direction of development, then, together with you, devise an action plan of marketing and PR-activities
Our development team assists with the technical issues and provides training for your specialists
24/7 technical support
We share all the necessary tools and libraries and provide support throughout the whole process of cooperation on any technical issues at all stages of the project
We share all the necessary tools and libraries and provide support throughout the whole process of cooperation on any technical issues at all stages of the project
Sales support
We transfer requests from customer companies to our partners and assist in closing deals
Choose a partner role that is right for you
Certified developer
Develop your own virtual agents using Neuro.net's advanced technology
For IT companies at different stages of development that are ready to engage in independent comprehensive solution development, scale their business, and implement new technologies in their product portfolio
System integrator
Join our partner network and promote Neuro.net products in the IT solutions market
For companies that provide various services to businesses in the area of business process automation, development of quality, and customer service level, and are ready to expand their service portfolio with new technologies and effective business solutions in the area of conversational AI
Sign up as our official representative to promote Neuro.net's solutions and technologies and earn commissions
For sales representatives who sell Neuro.net technologies and solutions to an end customer on behalf of Neuro.net for a fee
Partner levels
Become a part of our partner ecosystem
Challenger Entry level.
Start working on your project, get your first results, and move on to the next level
Expert Accelerate your performance growth with the additional partner benefits of the Expert status. Do even more projects, scale them up, and bring them up to the next level
Champion Take your business to the next level with access to all the benefits of the Neuro.net Partner Program
Advanced customer experience solutions
Conversational AI An omnichannel digital contact center for both inbound and outbound scenarios
Digital Assistant Human-like virtual agents ready to offload customer support and automate knowledge base management
Product AI The unique voice of your brand. A product that speaks for itself using disruptive voice technology
Voice Ad Integrated voice AI solution for marketing communications and digital marketing
Smart Dialer Intelligent dialing and checking subscriber availability, as well as queue management system
Metaverse Digital humans, brand ambassadors, influencers and avatars with integrated voice AI
Сutting-edge technologies to make your business stand out
Voice biometrics
Customer and employee voiceprint identification with no passwords or code words
Speech analytics
360-degree behavioral monitoring and quality control in your contact center
Automatic speech recognition to integrate into customer communications, as well as instructions, search, navigation
Real-time text-to-speech technology for convenient voicing of any content: on a website, in an app or service
NLU Engine
High-precision Natural Language Understanding algorithms that can work on small datasets
Media Server
Technology for processing and managing calls and queues. Simultaneous work with voice and text, including sending and receiving messages via SMS and instant messengers
Areas our services help to evolve
Industries Business functions
Banks, finance and insurance
Retail and e-commerce
Transport and logistics
Public sector
Service companies
Customer experience
Customer support
Successful projects of our clients
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